Wood Lamps for the Home – Beautiful and Natural lamps of Wood

Modern lamps made of wood come in many exciting shapes and forms. These natural wood lamps are great for creating a pleasant light while the wood is colour neutral and fits into most interior styles.

Here you can see a selection of exciting wooden lamps for the home, cottage and cafe.

Popular wooden lamps from Finnish Secto / Nordicnest.com
Lindby Milada LED ceiling light, oak wood /Lights.co.uk

Theese gorgeous wooden lamps from MacMaster absolutely deserve a mention. MacMaster delivers environmentally friendly timber-based lighting. Inspired by modern technology fused with traditional craftsmanship, each piece utilizes FSC certified timbers and is handmade in England.

Wooden lighting from MacMaster /Wayfair.co.uk

The expressive form of these wooden lights gives a view to a warm globe that graduates ambient light onto the inner veneers of the structure revealing a magnificent contrast between the inner and outer surfaces. Designed with sustainability in mind, the Cocoon Pendant Light is manufactured from thin, ultra-durable timber which minimizes the ecological footprint while creating uncompromising elegance.

Wooden lighting from MacMaster /Wayfair.co.uk
Wooden lighting from MacMaster /Wayfair.co.uk
Wooden lighting from MacMaster /Wayfair.co.uk

Wooden lamps and modern design

Wooden lamps were traditionally made using a hot steam pressure technique. This was a time-consuming process of cutting out wooden arrows, heating them with steam, bending them gently, and then drying them. This method took a lot of time and was difficult to scale up.

Modern techniques are more about using 3D programming and CNC milling. By cutting out two-dimensional plates to exact dimensions, you can then put these together in a 3D model.

This new production method opens up previously impossible design combinations of lamps and wood, which more and more designers are discovering.

Makira wooden tripod floor lamp /Lights.co.uk

Discoco Wood is an exciting new wood lamp from Marset that follows the well-known style and design of the other Discoco lamps, but here with leaves of wood and a beautiful wood pattern. Discoco has an exciting and timeless design that creates a beautiful light and becomes an elegant eye-catcher.

Discoco Wood – Marset / Andlight.co.uk
Discoco Wood – Marset / Andlight.co.uk

Cestita from Spanish Santa & Cole is a beautiful and stylish table lamp that consists of an opal-white glass ball that rests in a wooden frame. 

Cestita has a simple and timeless design that makes it easy to place on either a shelf, by the window or on the floor. 
The lamp also comes as a practical battery lamp .

Cestita – Santa & Cole / Lampemesteren.com

Octo – Round lamps in wood

Octo from Finnish Secto are large and airy lamps in wood produced in PEFC-certified, Finnish birch veneer of the best quality. 

Octo, airy and clean pendant lamps in wood / Nordicnest.com

The octo balls are large and airy, but at the same time hide the light source and fit perfectly over a dining table or hanging alone as a nice decorative element.

Octo, airy and clean pendant lamps in wood / Nordicnest.com

Victo – Dome-shaped lamps in wood

Victo is a dome-shaped lamp in wood, produced from certified Finnish birch and made with sustainable production by Finnish Secto-Design.
The lamp discreetly hides the light source, while giving a good light downwards.

Victo – Domeshaped wooden lamp / Nordicnest.com

Petite is a smaller variant that is ideal for smaller kitchens or over a kitchen counter. These can also be hung together in a cluster over a coffee table, in a lounge, etc.

Petite from Secto Design / Nordicnest.com
Petite from Secto Design / Nordicnest.com

Kontro is a unique and innovative lamp made of wood, this is designed to mimic a chandelier, with pillars pointing outwards – to spread light and shadows in the room.

Kontro – Modern chandelier in wood / Nordicnest.com

Terho – Opal glass & linden wood

Terho combines Finnish linden wood with opal glass and soft shapes. A comfortable and stylish ceiling pendant.

Terho means acorn in Finnish – If you did not already notice where the design inspiration was probably taken from.

Terho from Mater / Lampemesteren.com
Terho from Mater / Lampemesteren.com

Pilke – Showroom Finland

« Pilke » – Finnish for «Glimpses in the eye»

The gorgeous wooden lamps from Showroom Finland play with natural ingredients in innovative new shapes and designs that create an incredibly beautiful play of light wherever they hang.

Pilke – Showroom Finland / Finnish Design Shop

The pilke lamps are constructed of birch plywood and are produced by hand by local craftsmen in a workshop in southwestern Finland. The lamps create decorative and unique, three-dimensional, geometric shadows.

Pilke – Showroom Finland / Finnish Design Shop
Lindby Helou wooden wall lamp /Lights.co.uk

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