Wall lamp and ceiling lamp with long arm – Adjustable and flexible lighting for ceiling and wall

Wall lamps with long arms provide different and decorative lighting in the apartment and house. A wall lamp and ceiling lamp with a long arm can, for example, be mounted on the wall or in the ceiling above a kitchen island or a protrusion in the kitchen and will be a good alternative to suspended lamps.

A long-arm lamp can also be mounted on a wall in the living room, for example, and pulled out to provide a flexible and adjustable reading light for the chair and sofa. When the lamps are not in use, they can be pushed closer to the wall and provide elegant spotlighting down the wall and corners.

Long-armed wall lamp in the living room – Arigato from Grupa / Andlight.co.uk
Artemide Tolomeo Long-armed Wall Lamp / Lights.co.uk

A wall lamp with a long arm is also great for getting light in areas where other lamps do not fit, for example, if you do not have the opportunity or desire to hang a pendant lamp or want a lamp that can be adjusted and that will catch the eye. visiting guests. 

This look is also great for creating an industrial or rustic style but fits just as well with the modern and otherwise stylish home.

Arigato from Grupa is a series of lamps with long arms that can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. The lamps have a multi-joint construction and thin arms that carry the lampshade into the room wherever you want it. Despite its many joints that create flexible lighting, the lamps are very robustly built and will keep their shape as you wish.

Perfect for pitched roofs or rooms with low ceilings – Grupa from Arigato / Andlight.co.uk
With indirect lighting that does not dazzle – Arigato from Grupa / Andlight.co.uk

Arigato wall and ceiling lights create a comfortable and beautiful light that does not dazzle. The light source is hidden behind an outer screen and you get a great effect with indirect lighting. This makes it possible to leave the lampshade at an angle or point outwards in the room without being dazzled by the light.

Arigato wall lamp with long arm from Grupa / Andlight.co.uk
Arigato from Grupa / Andlight.co.uk

The ceiling lamps and wall lamps from Grupa come in several exciting sizes and variations. Here you can choose in several colors and between the one-armed or two-armed wall and ceiling lamps. The decorative lamp fits perfectly into the modern decor, where we are fascinated by sculptural shapes and silhouettes that give life and soul to the room. But will also complement a rustic or industrial interior style.

Arigato from Grupa / Andlight.co.uk

Anglepoise’s sturdy, multi-purpose Original 1227 wall-mounted lamp, with its flexible shade, heavy cast iron bracket, and perfect balance, gives you all the benefits of the Original 1227 desk and table lamps in a stylish, wall-mounted form. Ideal for domestic or commercial use.

Anglepoise 1227 wall mounted swing lamp /Lights.co.uk

Lampe Gras is an iconic brand that with its over 100 years of history and revolutionary design with a focus on utility and functionality turned upside down the thoughts of the day about office and residential lighting. Today, Lampe Gras is recognized for its timeless designs that fit perfectly into a rustic, industrial or modern home. These wall and ceiling lamps can be used in all rooms of the house and with their long arm you can get the light exactly where you want.

222 Lampe Gras White wall lamp / Andlight.co.uk
Black Lampe Gras wall lamp with copper shade / Andlight.co.uk
214 Wall lamp on a wall-mounted rod from Lampe Gras / Andlight.co.uk
Wall lamps with adjustable arms – Lampe Gras / Andlight.co.uk

Schottlander  BS2 wall lamp is created in black care, black shade, produced in aluminum, and designed for the industrial world in 1951. The wall lamp is particularly well placed over a dining table instead of a ceiling lamp, where the lamp really comes into its own. 

Schottlander Mantis BS2 Mini / Andlight.co.uk
Schottlander Mantis/ Andlight.co.uk

Wall lamp as ceiling lamp

Usually, you do not mount wall lamps in the ceiling, but with a long-armed wall lamp, you can do it well and will create a decorative and stylish eye-catcher in the lighting. A wall lamp with a long arm that is mounted in the ceiling can be freely adjusted by dragging and moving the lamp to the desired area.

Double ceiling lamp with long movable arm from Lampe Gras / Andlight.co.uk

A ceiling lamp with a long arm will thus function as movable and long-armed spotlights, only larger and more decorative. This alternative lighting creates a stylish effect and definitely catches the attention of guests and visitors.

Arigato from Grupa / Andlight.co.uk
Arigato from Grupa / Andlight.co.uk
Lampe Gras are adaptable and fit nicely into all the house’s rooms / Andlight.co.uk

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