Soleil from Le Klint – A fantastic large, wide, and thin pendant lamp for tables

Soleil from Le Klint of Denmark is a beautiful pendant lamp with a stylish and timeless look of high quality and gorgeous design that fits perfectly over a living room or dining table. Soleil is a wide and large pendant lamp with a thin shade that spreads the light nicely down towards the surface of a table, or maybe a kitchen island and bar.

Le Klint’s iconic style and hand-folded pleated screen that is still folded in the traditional way by craftsmen in Denmark provide a natural and stylish aesthetic, wrapped in a modern and timeless form. Soleil is designed to mimic the sun’s ability to distribute light from the center, and will be a beautiful centerpiece of lighting.

Soleil from Le Klint with hand-folded lampshade /
Soleil – Le Klint over kitchen island /

Like other Le Klint lamps, Soleil also has an elegant hand-folded paper shade. On this lamp, the underside of the lampshade is decorated with a hand-folded paper pattern that will mimic the sun’s light rays – and at the same time gives a great decorative light effect and pattern.

Soleil from Le Klint comes in three color variants /
The hand-folded pleated screen that captures and directs the light / FinnishDesignShop.c/

The Soleil pendant lamp comes in two sizes and in three beautiful modern colors. Soleil is a beautiful pendant lamp without unnecessary details that pays homage to the idea that “Less is more”. With its sleek shape, Soleil is a useful lamp that can be used both over the dining table, in the meeting room, or in the restaurant.
The pleated screen prevents glare, but the energy-saving LED light source ensures that you still get sufficient light.  

Le Klint is a specialist in hand-folded lampshades and still carries out production in the traditional way in their factory in Denmark. Feel free to also see these nice floor lamps from Le Klint, perfect as the lighting in a dark living room corner.

Le Klint 30 /

Lamella from Danish Le Klint has a hand-folded lampshade of paper that spreads the light in a comfortable and soft way and will be a great choice if you are looking for a decorative staircase or living room lighting.

Lamella – Can be used both as a ceiling and wall lamp – Here with pendants from Le Klint /
Lamella – Can be used both as a ceiling and wall lamp – Le Klint /