Secto Lights – Beautiful wooden lamps from Secto Design

A secto lamp in natural wood will be a modern and eye-catching lamp that attracts the attention of guests and provides a decorative light wherever it may hang.
The Secto lamps come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, making them versatile in assembly and use.

Secto lamps from Finnish secto designs have become popular lamps around the world thanks to their beautiful and innovative design, and the use of natural and sustainable wood. These beautiful wood lamps help with their beautiful design to create soul and warmth in the room, whether in the home, in a cafe or as decorative, natural office lighting.

Octo lamps from Secto Design /

he Secto lamps come in many different colors, sizes and shapes. The Secto design pendant lights are very popular, but they also supply beautiful table lamps and wall lamps in the same style.

Wooden table lamp – Secto Design /

Since its inception, Secto has been a lamp manufacturer focusing exclusively on the use of wood in their lamp designs and has been innovative in the way they use local Finnish birch, together with modern technology to produce beautiful lamps in new and innovative designs.

Popular secto lamps

Although the most popular lamp models are the round wooden lamp Octo, the “trumpet” shaped Secto and the dome shaped Atto, the designers in the secto continue to develop new exciting lamps.

Octo is the most popular lamp from the secto design, with an elegant rounded shape reminiscent of a vase, the birch arrows encapsulate the centrally located light source. Secto Octo comes in two sizes, 4240 and 4241. Hang these two sizes together, like in a pendant over a table.

Four differen colors – Secto Design /

The light source is also slightly raised in the shelf so that the light should not dazzle laterally, but bounce off the games and give a great light effect. The Octo lamp comes in several colors, both natural colored as walnut, but also the very popular black variant.

Octo – Secto Design /

Atto is a nice and rounded “dome” shaped lamp from secto design which also comes in several colors and two different sizes. Atto has soft shapes that encircle a retracted light source and provide decorative lighting, especially over a dining table.

Atto – Secto Design /

The Owalo 7000  is the long version of the secto lamps that makes it fit nicely over one long table or over an office as a more modern fixture lighting. Owalo comes like the other lamps in four beautiful colors and has an integrated link as a light source.

Owalo 7000 – Secto Design /
Owalo 7000 – Secto Design /

The Secto 4200 lamps have an oblong cone shape with close-fitting birch piles and come in three different colors. Perfect as decorative lighting and can easily hang together for a more effective lighting.

4200 – Secto Design /

Puncto from secto design will be a stylish ceiling pendant that is perfect as lighting over a table. In the Puncto lamp, the light source is discreetly hidden in the long bulb holder and encircled by wooden arrows so as not to dazzle.

Puncto – Secto Design /

Like all secto lamps, Puncto also creates a warm and comfortable light.

Wooden lamps for contrast

Wooden lamps are suitable for almost all environments and interior styles, be it concrete, white or colorful. For modern and minimalist styles, a wooden lamp will be a nice eye-catcher in the room, a natural respite in the home.

Black Octo lamps – Secto Design /

Secto design has today expanded its range and offers wooden lamps in fantastic shapes and designs. In addition, most lamps now also come in variants of different colors. Feel free to use a natural-colored or black-colored secto lamp to create a nice contrast against a white wall.

Secto lamp for the wall

The unique wall lights of Secto have a hidden light source that glows down the many thin planks of birch veneer. This creates a beautiful and cozy light that makes them suitable for use in the bedroom or cabin.

Wall lamps from Secto Design /

For floor and table

With an expanded range you can now also find table lamp and floor lamp variants from Secto design which have quickly become popular in Scandinavian and European homes.

Wooden floor lamps – Secto Design /

The lamps come in 4 beautiful colors, including:

  • White wood
  • Black
  • Dark walnut
  • Light natural birch

Like lamps in a cottage or in a home with modern interiors, a secto table and floor lamp would be ideal. The tight lines give a modern feel while softening the design with the natural ingredients and the soft light.

Dining room lighting – Secto Design /

Made of PEFC certified Finnish birch

The use of sustainable and natural materials is what characterizes Secto’s lamps, with its proximity to the large Finnish forests there is not a long way between raw materials and production.

Using modern CNC machines and 3D modeling, Finnish Secto creates modern and beautiful wooden lamps .

Finnish birch is also a suitable material for making thin veneer sheets and products. This is due to the short growing season and the cold climate which creates an extra hard tree.

The innovative new use of wood in lamps began with designer Seppo Koho and Secto in 1995. However, it was only after a collaboration with furniture maker Heikki Saastamoinen from Heinola that new innovative production methods were made.

Hang the lamps from the wall

With this smart and adjustable wall arm you can hang Secto’s beautiful pendant lights from the wall. This is a great solution for those who do not have their own roof outlet or simply want a different expression in the home.

Wall arm from Secto Design /