Get good tips on how you can get good lighting in the living room and which lamps are perfect for installation in the living room. As one of the house’s most important rooms, the lighting in the living room has a lot to say for the atmosphere and decor in the rest of the home.
By combining lamps with the right location, you can create a comfortable and cosy light in the living room and get lighting that is just as suitable for social gatherings and relaxation, as for everyday life or late movie nights.

Here you can get inspiration on how to create cosy lighting in the living room and discover nice lamps for both ceiling, wall, table and floor. By thinking that light should be placed in layers, we can create lighting that is not only functional but also comfortable and decorative.

Beautiful cardboard lamps from Graypants /

These elegant cardboard lamps from Graypants come in beautiful, modern designs and exciting geometric shapes. The small gaps in the cardboard screen emit rays of light and provide a beautiful, warm light in the living room.

Beautiful cardboard lamps from Graypants /
Floor lamp with lampshade made of cardboard /

Jazz from Umage is an exciting lampshade of curved leaves in dark oak that you can combine with several different lamp sockets and holders from Umage. Assemble your own pendant lamp, table lamp or floor lamp and place it in the living room to get the cozy atmosphere a wooden lamp provides.

Jazz – Umage / Lampemesteren UK
Jazz – Umage / Lampemesteren UK

Acorn from Northern has taken its inspiration from the Nordic forests and creates an invitingly beautiful light that fits in nicely over a kitchen island, dining table or as a pendant lamp in the living room. Acorn comes in a nice matte black or white color with a stylish, Scandinavian design.

Acorn – Northern, modern and stylish pendant lamp /

If you want a colorful lighting in the living room, the ballroom lamps from Design By Us will be worth a look. These gorgeous mouth-blown lamps come in several beautiful colors and with hand-painted details.

Beautiful ceiling pendants in colorful glass / Andlight UK

Many people use chandeliers as lighting in a part of the living room, for example over the dining table. Consider replacing classic variants with a modern – industrial lamp.

The Danish traditional company Le Klint has developed a new concept series called Pliverre . It combines a soft white light from the opal glass screen, with a rustic and industrially inspired black frame and details of brass.

Pliverre chandelier in the living room /
Several together for greater effect /
New Pliverre floor lamp in living room /

Create beautiful reflections and warm light with the elegant copper pendants from Tom Dixon hanging by the windowsill. The lamps are made in a complicated vacuum metallization that allows the lamps to reflect the rest of the room and create depth. Otherwise, the lamps will glow softly and throw most of the light directly downwards, which does not create a glare when, for example, they hang on the window sill.

Beautiful reflections – Tom Dixon /
Beautiful reflections – Tom Dixon /

Soleil from Globen Lighting is a very decorative table lamp with design inspiration taken from the Art-deco style and classic sun mirrors that were big in popularity in the 1920s. Soleil has a central opal glass dome with projecting arms of golden brass and becomes a beautiful and decorative eye-catcher that is perfect to use as decorative lighting around the entire home.

Soleil – Globen Lighting /

Decorate the living room with the beautiful Anni table lamp from German Fischer & Honsel. The lamps have a timeless and elegant feel with brass base and square white textile shade.

Anni table lamp/

Great tips for living room lighting

To get good and comfortable lighting in any room, including lighting in the living room, one must think about the layered lighting. The layered lighting creates life, shadows, a cosy atmosphere, and a light that does not get dull or flat.

We can divide the lighting layers into ambientaccent, and functional lighting.

Table lamps are an important part of the decorative light – Here “Milk” from & Tradition /

The ambient light will normally be the fixed basic lighting or general lighting in the living room, this can be, for example, LED downlight or indirect lighting.

Lindby Zara LED arc lamp /

The accent lighting will highlight objects or be decorative in itself, while the floor and table lamps offer both accent lighting and functional lighting.

While small pendant lamps can be used as decorative lighting. A common placement is in the window, but feel free to hang them together at different heights in the corner of the living room to create depth – or together with decorative elements in the home.

Two Plivierre pendants from Danish Le Klint / Lampemesteren UK

Also, think about having lights on several levels in the living room. This is where the combination of downlight, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps comes in.

All of these lamps have their own good uses, but work best together.

Floor lamps in the living room are an often overlooked but important part of the layered lighting in the living room. A free-standing floor lamp works well along a living room wall, or you can choose a more curved floor lamp model that can shed light over the living room table or reading corner.

Benik Floor Lamp /
Jonera Floor lamp curved /

By creating light from several levels in height, you create a comfortable and decorative light, and you avoid throwing shadows down your face by only having light, for example in the ceiling.

Lamps of the same series fit well throughout the living room – Here: Flowerpot lamps /Nordicnest
Take from Bankeryd / Nordicnest UK

Good tips for lighting in the living room:

  • Use both wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps together with a downlight or indirect lighting.
  • Light up corners so the room seems bigger.
  • Choose colours that harmonize with the rest of the interior.

Feel free to use a suspended ceiling lamp with many bulbs in the living room or over a table. With their many arms and light sources, these lamps create very decorative lighting in the living room and will often be one of the first things that catch the attention of guests.

Flos 2097 /

The beautiful flowerpot lamps from & Tradition create a beautiful and decorative soft light that fits in beautifully over a kitchen island, a corner in the living room or as a ceiling pendant over a coffee table and dining table. The flowerpot lamps come in a variety of elegant materials and colours, and also in several sizes.

Flowerpot lamps &Tradition /Nordicnest UK
Flowerpot lamps &Tradition /Nordicnest UK

The thin shades of rice paper lamps create a beautiful and atmospheric light in the living room, a rice paper lamp will be a good choice if you want a relatively simple and minimalist lighting in the living room.

Floor lamp with rice paper shade – Vitra Akari / Andlight UK

Gross from By Rydens is a very popular hanging lamp made of glass that now also comes in the exciting color burgundy in addition to the popular smoke, champagne and clear glass.

Gross is a large and eye-catching lamp that gives a delicate and beautiful light in the living room, with a round shape that fits nicely over a coffee table.

Gross – By Rydens /Nordicnest UK
Gross – By Rydens /Nordicnest UK

Multi-lite from Danish Gubi was first designed in 1972 and consists of cylindrical shapes that surround the central light source. You can adjust these cylinders yourself to change the look and feel of the slide. Since its inception, Multi-Lite has become an iconic lamp for those who prefer light with charm, style and history in the living room.

Multi Lite from Gubi /Nordicnest UK
Multi Lite from Gubi /Nordicnest UK

small pendant lamps can be used as decorative lighting. A common placement is in the window, but feel free to hang them together at different heights in the corner of the living room to create depth – or together with decorative elements in the home.

Multi Lite from Gubi /Nordicnest UK

Boho Mirror is a great mirror lamp with a soft backlight that makes it fit in great behind the sofa, on the wall or in the hallway and entrance. Boho mirror is made of thin strips of paper that can look like feathers at first glance.

Boho Mirror Brown – Globen / Nordicnest UK

The Cebu lamps from PR Home are hand-braided in the Philippines in the traditional way and made from lampakanay. A type of plant that has a beautiful and rough surface. Cebu is therefore beautiful as a decorative lamp for all types of interior styles, modern as well as rustic and rustic. Cebu comes in several sizes and can be combined together or hanging alone, outside as well as inside (under a roof).

Cebu from PR Home over kitchen island / Nordicnest UK
Cebu – Great both outside and inside – Pr Home / Nordicnest UK

Get more lighting ideas and tips, take a look at theese gorgeous wooden lamps from Secto Design, or decorate the living room with Soleil from Le Klint.