PH5 by Louis Poulsen – Iconic pendant lamp from 1958

When you mention Louis Poulsen, you often think of the iconic and beautiful PH5 lamp. Here we take a closer look at this beautiful design from Louis Poulsen, a stylish and popular pendant lamp since 1958.

The PH 5 lamp is one of the most impressive designs by Poul Henningsen for the Danish lighting brand Louis Poulsen. Designed in 1958 to hang as a pendant from the ceiling, the lamp has a beautiful, three-layer lampshade that draws inspiration from the 1920s, but with elaborate details and a high finish.

Stylish lighting from Louis Poulsen /

The combination between the beautiful exterior and the smart design is not accidental. Poul Henningsen was one of Denmark’s most recognized architects and furniture designers, both before and after World War II.

He was an innovative person who always sought new ways to create lamps that minimized glare and provided a comfortable and atmospheric light.

PH5 Pendant from Louis Poulsen /

The Ph 5 lamp is made of a series of aluminium shapes that vary in size. The powder-coated surfaces reflect the light downwards, transforming the bright light into a pleasant glow.

At the same time, the lamp itself and its screens are incredibly nice to look at, even today over 50 years after its design, the lamps look futuristic.

Love that retro look /

The PH 5 series comes in two sizes that vary slightly in size.

  • The PH 5 mini has a diameter of 30 cm.
  • Ph 5 has a diameter of 50 cm.

The PH5 pendant comes in a variety of soft tones to suit any interior style. The PH5 lamp is now also introduced in a delicious brass and copper version.

PH5 Pendant in copper from Louis Poulsen /

Mounting of PH5 from Louis Poulsen

PH5 must be put together like most other lamps. The first thing to do is to insert the bulb holder with cord into a round red ring and then pull the cord out of the top of the lamp.

The small red ring centres the cord in the lamp and ensures that the PH5 lamp hangs straight. Then the top of the lamp screen is screwed into the rest of the lamp.

When turning the top of the PH5 lamp into the rest of the lamp, make sure that the three holders get a good enough grip on the screen. Although the light is relatively light, it can come off if not seated properly.

After this, the glass diffuser is placed into the bottom of the lamp, which is pressed into place by gently twisting it.

Stylish lighting from Louis Poulsen /

When this is done, the PH5 lamp can be hung up and connected to the roof junction box.

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