Panthella Table Lamp and Floor Lamp – Iconic design since 1971

Panthella is a design that first saw the light of day in 1971 and the lamp’s style and shapes are characterized by the futuristic and colourful postmodern spirit of the time. The lamp is today modern classic and old models are a highly sought after collection for enthusiasts who want a vintage and retro lamp with design and history.

Designed by the iconic Danish designer Verner Panton. Panthella is characterized by its harmonious semi-circular shapes in the lampshade and lamp base, where the lamp base reflects the light from the lampshade. Today, the legacy of Verner Panton’s design is continued by Louis Poulsen, another traditional and renowned Danish design house.

Panthella Mini in black /
Panthella by Verner Panton /

Panthella from Danish Louis Poulsen still comes in its strong original colours but has also been expanded to new and elegant materials such as high-gloss chrome and brass. Originally, Panthella came as a table lamp but has since also come in a high floor lamp version. Perfect for glare-free and pleasant lighting.

Elegant and glare-free – Panthella Floor Lamp  /
Panthella Floorlamp /

In his design, Verner Panton has let both the foot and the screen function as light reflectors. The hemispherical screen directs the light downwards while the trumpet-shaped fort in turn reflects the light upwards.

Perfect for creating beautiful colours in the decor /

Panthella Portable: For extra portability and flexibility, the Panthella lamp is also available with a built-in battery. This portable battery lamp in its iconic design is perfect as a table decoration outside and inside. You can also easily place it on shelves or on stairs without thinking about wiring or electricity. It has several light settings and will light in full light for 5 hours.

Panthella Portable on battery /
Panthella Portable on battery /

Panthella MINI table lamp can be placed, for example, in the window, on the side table, or on the bedside table and is available in a variety of colours – which is your favourite?

Panthella Mini in Chrome /

Feel free to read more about the history and fantastic designs of Verner Panton, a man who is behind a number of iconic lamps and furniture. You can also see EOS lamp from Umage – Elegant feather lamps for living room and bedroom in beautiful colors or Outdoor Floor lamp for the garden – Create atmospheric lighting in the garden.