Oyster Lamp from Ferm Living – Sculptural and rich wall lamp for decoration

The Oyster lamp from Danish Ferm Living is an exciting and innovative wall lamp that is perfect for decorative lighting hanging alone on a wall in the hallway, living room or bathroom. Oyster has a decorative, organic shape due to the soft, lively curves and is cast in recycled aluminium with a rough surface in black.

Oyster wall lamp from Ferm Living / Nordicnest.com

The texture and finish of the lamp have a distinctive, rough expression over it. This is because the lamp is cast and not produced in a CNC machine. Its rough, black surface curves and curves, with a hidden light source that creates life and beautiful indirect light.

Oyster is a large and elongated wall lamp, perfect as a wall decoration / Nordicnest.com

Oyster is perfect if you want a sculptural and organically shaped wall lamp that can decorate the wall. Great to use with other black decorative elements in the home or as a contrasting element to white or coloured walls. The Oyster lamp has a built-in LED that creates light and shadows and creates a vibrant look that emphasizes the lamp’s soft, organic shape.

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