Outdoor Floor lamp for the garden – Create atmospheric lighting in the garden

Create atmospheric lighting in the garden, on the balcony or terrace with a floor lamp and floor lamp that can stand outdoors. These lamps are easy to place and perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in the outdoor area. Place them next to the seating area, along the driveway to create a welcoming impression or to light up dark areas along with the pool, jetty, or terrace.

An outdoor floor lamp must be hardy and withstand rain and weather. Here are our tips for nice floor lamps that can stand outdoors.

Anglepoise Giant – Outdoor Floor Lamp / Andlight.co.uk

Are you looking for a large floor lamp that can stand outdoors? Then maybe Virginia from Lampandlight will be a good alternative.

This outdoor floor lamp takes the traditional look and feel of an indoor floor lamp to the outdoor space thanks to smart and robust solutions. The foot and base are made of steel so that it stands steady even if the wind blows up. The lampshade is made of semi-transparent plastic and provides a soft and warm light that creates a cosy atmosphere.

Virginia Outdoor Floor Lamp /Lampandlight.co.uk

Tolomeo from Artemide is a large outdoor floor lamp with articulated construction and a long arm, use for example as a hanging lamp over the dining table when darkness falls. The lampshade is made of thuja, a special type of plastic that is robust and weather-resistant, but which still looks very natural and looks a lot like jute/straw material.

Tolomeo from Artemide – Great outside and inside / Lights.co.uk

Tolomeo has a very flexible and adjustable spring load system that allows the lampshade to be angled and hung up in several different ways. This provides many opportunities to set up different lighting scenarios, and it can be lit alone or used as a floor lamp over a dining table. This floor lamp with arc has an IP44 classification and can withstand standing outdoors, but it is also just as nice to use indoors.

Tolomeo from Artemide – Great outside and inside / Lights.co.uk

Cala from Marset is a beautiful and elegant floor lamp that combines traditional and natural raw materials of wood in a modern and practical design. This floor lamp comes in several variants, including an outdoor version with IP65 tightness that can withstand standing outdoors in even harsh weather. The lampshade is made of dense plastic that diffuses the light and creates a pleasant, indirect light in the garden and outdoor area, perfect for illuminating dark areas in the garden and terrace in style.

Cala outdoor floor lamp from Marset / Andlight.co.uk
Cala outdoor floor lamp from Marset / Andlight.co.uk

Sponge from Danish Nordlux is a series of garden lamps in a stylish and simple design that can easily be placed in the outdoor area. The series comes as both pendants, tables, and floor lamps and provides a comfortable warm-white light that does not dazzle. The lamps also have a built-in battery so you can also use them without connected power for a certain period.

The entire Sponge series from Nordlux / Lights.co.uk
Sponge outdoor floor lamp / Lights.co.uk

Solar from Foscarini is a low-rise floor lamp with built-in solar panels so you do not have to think about wiring or electricity. It can thus be placed wherever you want and can even be placed in the middle of a seating group and function twice as a table.

Solar from Foscarini – Luminous table / Andlight.co.uk

The Rotterdam Balanco is a stylish, sleek, and modern outdoor floor lamp finished in black with square shade and glass panels. This outdoor floor lamp is the perfect addition to your decking and terrace for functional and atmospheric lighting, perfect for a summer evening.

Rotterdam Balanco /Lampandlight.co.uk

Yankton from By Rydens has the look of a classic lantern and can be used as both a table lamp or along the floor, garden, and terrace as a floor lamp, just like a lantern. A tip is to place it at the entrance or staircase to create an inviting and hospitable atmosphere. The lamp is IP44 classified so that it can withstand normal weather and can be outdoors all year round.

Yankton from By Rydens / Illumination.co.uk

Borne Béton from Nemo is an exceptional lamp by Le Corbusier with soft shapes that are handmade and unique. This low floor lamp fits in perfectly with the industrial or modern outdoor environment and is available in two different sizes.

Borne Béton from Nemo / Andlight.co.uk
Borne Béton from Nemo / Andlight.co.uk

Maison Outdoor Floor Lamp from By Rydens is a stylish outdoor lamp made of perforated metal. Through the perforated pattern, the light shines out into the surroundings, giving an exciting play between light and shadow. The series is made of weather-resistant metal that over time and several years will develop a unique and exciting patina. These outdoor floor lamps with their unique and beautiful light are easy to place and cast a great atmospheric light in the garden and outdoor area.

Maison outdoor floor lamps in perforated metal / Illumination.co.uk

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