Multi-Lite – Exquisite lamps from Gubi since 1972

Since Multi-Lite was first designed in 1972, this exquisite lamp from Gubi has adorned both homes, cafes, and fine restaurants with its beautiful light and wonderful design.
Multi-Lite is an exciting lamp in a beautiful Danish design consisting of two semicircles that surround the central light source. These semi-circles can be moved around to create decorative shapes and a beautiful play of light.

The idea behind Multi-lite was that designer Louis Weisdorf wanted a lamp that could change shape and slide via a few simple grips. You can adjust/rotate the lamp yourself and thus achieve different combinations, where the light can point in different directions.
Since 1972, Multi-lite has been one of the most popular design lamps from Gubi, and today comes in seven different colour combinations with continuous details of brass and chrome.

Multi-Lite looks beautiful in the kitchen /
Turn the lampshade and create your own look /

Multi-lite comes into its own as lighting and lamp over a dining table. The lamp has a timeless and stylish look that is sure to attract the attention and amusement of guests and visitors.
Multi-lite also fits nicely as the lighting in the living room, preferably hanging it in the living room or next to the sofa as a decorative – and adjustable mood light.

Multi-lite blue pendant /

In the image below you can see some of the fine colours and material multi-lite is available in, you can also see all the great shapes it is possible to create – simply by adjusting the lamp by hand. 
Gubi Multi-Lite is available in seven different colour variants, with chrome and brass details throughout for all models.

Multiple colour variants /
Pastell and brass /

If you hang multi-lite over a table or in a pendant in the living room, you can advantageously hang the lamps at different heights and adjust them in different forms to create effective lighting.

The beautiful multi-lite lamp from Gubi comes both as a floor lamp, pendant lamp, and table lamp. Each one is fine for itself, but you can also combine lamps from the same design series to create a beautiful design thread through the lighting.

Multi-lite floor lamp /
Multi-lite table lamp /

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