Luceplan Hope – Exclusive crystal look lighting

Hope from Luceplan revives the brilliance and elegance of classic crystal lamps, but with a modern twist and innovative materials that give a crystal-like and powerful light – which gives the lamps an incredible character. They create a comfortable, luxurious, sparkling, and festive atmosphere wherever the lamps are placed.

Hope recreates the magic of traditional chandeliers, reinterpreted with sophisticated modern technology and modern materials. The thin Fresnel polycarbonate lenses multiply the light, creating a pleasant and elegant illumination.
Feel free to place Hope in a place where daylight lets in, the thin fresnel lenses not only create a decorative light while the light is on. They will also transform the morning glow from the sun into beautiful rays of light that spreads throughout the home.

Luceplan Hope /

Modern materials

The Luceplan Hope series lamps are made with modern techniques and innovative new materials that create a beautiful shine and elegance, similar to that found in exclusive crystal chandeliers, but without the high weight or complicated and specialized production.

Luceplan Hope Pendant /

The Hope lamps consist of thin “Fresnel lenses” of polycarbonate which are assembled in such a way that they refract and reflect the light beautifully, just as traditional prisms create myriads of reflections.
Polycarbonate blades are flat Fresnel lenses with excellent reflection and refractive properties. The crystalline carbonate blades are further coupled by injection moulded polycarbonate “twigs” mounted on a steel structure.

Beautiful crystal pendants – Luceplan Hope /

Hope comes in a series of pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall lamps, and floor lamps. They are designed by Franciso Gomez & Paolo Rizzatto for Italian Luceplan which is widely known for its luxurious and decorative lighting.

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