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Looking for a beautiful light in your home or cottage with a Scandinavian touch? Then you might want to consider lamps and lighting from Le Klint.
Le Klint is a Danish manufacturer of lamps and lighting that is known for its thorough craftsmanship and use of traditional folding techniques in its lighting designs.

Beautiful lamps from Le Klint / Lights.co.uk

Le Klint’s lamps with hand-folded lampshades will be a great choice to get an atmospheric, soft light in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, where the lampshade will spread the light from the light bulb in a soft way while creating darker areas in the folded areas along with the screen. The result is lamps with a soft and decorative light that attracts attention and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Lamella lamps from Le Klint

Danish Le Klint is a specialist in origami and paper lamps. They still fold their own lamps in paper and plastic and they have created some iconic lamps through the ages.

Le Klint 352 – Table lamp / Lights.co.uk

The advantage of their paper and plastic lamps is the diffused lighting that is created when some of the light shines through the lampshade. This, together with the beautiful pattern creates warm and comfortable lighting.

The Bouquet – Le Klint / Lights.co.uk

Recently I was in a newly built detached house where the homeowners had decided to use lamps from Le Klint in large parts of the decorative lighting in the home. Among other things, they had chosen the Le Klint Carronade lamps as light over the stairs hanging in a cluster of 3 lamps, as well as the incredibly beautiful Le Klint 157 lamps in most bedrooms.

Le Klint 157 is a decorative and beautiful round pendant lamp with hand-folded edges that are made at their factory in Odense, Denmark. 

157 is designed by Andreas Hansen and is a new version of Le Klint’s well-known design and use of pleated. With a matte-white plastic surface that is hand-folded in intricate patterns, you get a glowing lamp with an incredibly beautiful pattern that will fit just as well into the modern home as in a traditional style.

Installation of Le Klint 157 lamp in bedroom / Lights.co.uk

Carronade is a series of lamps from Le Klint that have taken their inspiration from classic cannons with wires reminiscent of cannon fuses, and supports of walnut-colored wood or metal. These adjustable lamps come as both pendant lamps and floor lamps and have a clean and decorative design.

Carronade lamps from Le Klint / Lights.co.uk
Carronade lamps from Le Klint / Lights.co.uk

The Carronade lamps can be hung together in large rooms, or as here over a staircase. Here we made a new roof cup as MDF which we milled out on the back to make room for wires and connectors, and which we then painted to match the roof color. The roof cup had 3 holes so we could hang 3 white carronade pendulums together at different heights above the stairs.

Carronade pendants over the stairs / Lights.co.uk
Carronade hangs over stairs with homemade wooden roof box / Lights.co.uk

A light cliff lamp usually combines functionality and design with soft and beautiful light, a good example of this is their new Soleil series. These lamps are very thin but wide and have a bottom of the hand-folded screen that spreads the light in a beautiful way.

Le Klint’s iconic style and hand-folded pleated screen that are still folded in the traditional way by craftsmen in Denmark provide a natural and stylish aesthetic, wrapped in a modern and timeless form. Soleil is designed to mimic the sun’s ability to distribute light from the center and will be a beautiful centerpiece of lighting.

Soleil from Le Klint with hand-folded lampshade / Lights.co.uk

The Soleil lamps from Le Klint are therefore great for mounting over the dining table or over a protruding kitchen island where their flat design will not get in the way, but at the same time attract attention and become a beautiful eye-catcher in the decor.
Feel free to read more about Soleil from Le Klint.

Soleil – Le Klint over a kitchen island / Lights.co.uk

In the 70s, the designers at Danske Le Klint delivered a number of iconic and classic lamps that have again become popular retro models, including 349, 321, and 351, with fine hand-folded lampshades that Le Klint has become so famous for.

Designed by Aage Petersen, the Le Klint 349 floor lamp has become a classic and timeless floor lamp with beautiful details of black metal, brass, and the hand-folded lampshades for which Danske Le Klint has become world-famous.

Le Klint 349 Floor lamp / Lights.co.uk
Le Klint 351 / Lights.co.uk

Lamella from Danish Le Klint is a series of walls, ceilings, and suspended lamps with an oval and round shape where the hand-folded folds sit closer together and give a beautiful decorative pattern when the light is turned on.

Lamella – LE Klint / Lights.co.uk

The folded edges of white plastic and paper give a simple look but at the same time create a nice pattern with darker parts where two folds meet. The Lamella series comes in both suspended lamps or as a wall and ceiling.

Lamella – Le Klint / Lights.co.uk

Le Klint also has some great models with a pull-out scissors design. These lamps are built-in wood and come in natural wood or colored wood and as downward-facing or upward-facing wall lamps.

Le Klint 223/233/224 / Lights.co.uk

The pull-out lamps are excellent to use as a reading lamp or wall lamp next to the bed, pull them in and out as needed.

Le Klint 223/233/224 / Lights.co.uk

The Bouquet from Le Klint is a beautiful series of paper lamps where the designer Sinja Svarrer Damkær has taken inspiration from flowers and especially tulips to create a beautiful shape with its characteristic folds and folds.

Handmade in Denmark since 1943 by skilled professionals with a passion for lighting and design. Here you get a beautiful lamp that attracts attention and is just as pretty to look at with the light off.

The Bouquet – Le Klint / Lights.co.uk
The Bouquet – Le Klint / Lights.co.uk

Mega two from Le Klint are a series of pendant lamps with an open bottom that is great to use over a dining table. The lamps come in several colors and different sizes, all hand-held with great precision.

Megatwo from Le Klint / Lights.co.uk

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