Large Floor lamps with arches for light over table and sofa

There is a large selection of floor lamps, here we will focus a little more on large and wide floor lamps that you can place as light over tables and chairs.

Floor lamps with long or curved lamp heads that go out into the room are easily movable and fit well in the home where it is difficult with ceiling lamps. These floor lamps can be used as reading lights or easily movable lamps you can have over a living room table, bed, office, or dining table.

Tolomeo from Italian Artemide is a giant arc floor lamp that leans over the table and sofa and creates great lighting and a cosy atmosphere. Tolomeo comes in a variety of colours that suits your interior design. This floor lamp can be adjusted in several places and features a hanging pendant lamp at the end of the arc.

Tolomeo floor lamp with arc /

Tolomeo is a beautiful and simple floor lamp from Italian Artemide. This floor lamp has long, outstretched arms that you can adjust and a large lampshade in textile.

The adjustable arms are held up by steel wire in tension that provides many adjustment options, perfect if you want a floor lamp that shines over the sofa and down on a table.

Tolomeo floor lamp with arc /

Hobby is a modern industrial floor lamp with a touch of country. The lamp has beautiful detail and is as practical as it is beautiful! The floor lamp has a hinge construction so that you can aim the arm and let the light shine where it is needed.

Industrial floor lamp black adjustable – Hobby /

Emilienne from Lindby has a curved basic shape, which almost resembles a semicircle so that the floor lamp radiates a special aesthetic. This large floor lamp with an arch is perfect in an apartment or home where you want a cosy light overboard without using a suspended lamp. The inside is covered with an exquisite gold foil finish, which on the one hand creates a very harmonious contrast of the two colours and on the other hand provides for a wonderfully cosy light radiation

Emilienne from Lindby /

Lamps from Lampe Gras have since the 1920s been synonymous with functionality and industrial style and revolutionized how lighting and lamps could be twisted, turned and lit where they wanted.

Floor Lamps from Lampe Gras /

The Lampe Gras lamps were originally designed and intended for the world of offices, workshops and laboratories, but the iconic, simple and industrial style quickly became popular with architects and later the general population.

Lampe Gras 215 floor lamp /
Modern arc lamp copper with white shade – Arc Basic /

Lady Costanza Floor lamp from Luceplan is a large and curved floor lamp with a large lampshade that extends into the room and emits delicate and atmospheric lighting. The warm light from the shade can be positioned over a dining table or conversation area. Telescopic height and the ability to rotate 360 degrees on its base, create an elegant yet functional effect. The structure is unusually light and the base has a handle making it incredibly easy to move around a room

Lady Costanza Arc Floor Lamp – Luceplan /
Lady Costanza Arc Floor Lamp – Luceplan /

Lady Costanza can be adjusted in height using a telescopic tube that is able to rotate 360 ​​° at the bottom. This gives  Lady Costanza elegant, functional flexibility that, as always, fits perfectly into the room in which it is placed.

Lady Costanza Arc Floor Lamp – Luceplan /

With a long-arm floor lamp, you get flexible lighting wherever you want it. Whether it is in the reading corner of the sofa, or as a lamp over a coffee table.

Carronade from LeKlint /
Birdy floor lamp from Northern /

Mantis from Schottlander takes inspiration from the animal kingdom and the kneeler. The lamp is elegantly minimalist and can be tilted with a tiltable lamp head.

Mantis adjustable floor lamp from Schottlander /

Superarchimoon from the danish design house Flos was only meant as a fun invention for a light fair, but the great demand meant that the lamp was put into production.

Superarchimoon is a large and powerful floor lamp for large offices or homes where it is high under the ceiling. The floor lamp is 210 cm high and can extend 2 meters.

Superarchimoon giant floor lamp from Flos /

Twiggy from Italian Foscarini is an elegantly curved floor lamp that hangs deep into the room. The floor lamp comes in many exciting colours and it is adjustable so that it fits both high and normal ceiling heights.

Twiggy /
Twiggy /
Twiggy /
FontanaArte Yumi Floor Lamp Black /

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