Flowerpot Portable – Beautiful lamps for outside and inside

The Flowerpot lamps are a popular series of lighting that creates a beautiful and atmospheric light without glare. Now, these beautiful lamps come in a new series with a built-in battery, so you can take them with you everywhere in the home and out in the garden.

Flowerpot Portable makes it possible to decorate patio tables and garden tables for parties or place a table lamp inside a shelf or on top of a chest of drawers without thinking about electricity or cord.

Great as table lighting outside and inside / Finnish Design Shop
Perfect as a table light at a restaurant / Finnish Design Shop

Flowerpot portable is slightly smaller than the other table lamps in the same series, which makes it very flexible to place around the room or outdoors.
Feel free to dim them down to adapt to the use you want and the atmosphere you want to create. Flowerpot portable can be dimmed down to 50% or 20%.

The lamps are charged via USB and have long battery life. At light of 100%, the lamps will last for about 11 hours, but if you dim them down, the battery will last even longer.

Available in many different colors / Finnish Design Shop
Long battery life / Finnish Design Shop
Flowerpot Portable – & Tradition / Finnish Design Shop

Flowerpot portable is a terrific and delicious alternative if you want table lights on battery for a restaurant, cafe, or bar. Since the lamps have an IP44 classification, they can withstand standing outdoors, even if there is a downpour.

Flowerpot Portable – & Tradition / Finnish Design Shop