EOS lamp from Umage – Elegant feather lamps for living room and bedroom in beautiful colors

The popular feather lamps EOS from Danish Umage are clad in real goose feathers and have an airy appearance that creates a romantic and comfortable light. Perfect for decorative lighting in the living room and bedroom. Feel free to hang an EOS lamp over the bed or in the living room to get a beautiful and soft lighting when the evening sets.

The feather lamps in the EOS series are a perfect choice if you want stylish lighting in your home and apartment that creates a beautiful warm and cozy light.

Comes in 5 sizes. EOS White / Nordicnest.com

EOS Evia has a slightly different shape than the traditional round and oval EOS lampshades. Evia has an elongated shape that fits extra well in homes with high ceilings.

EOS Evia – A larger and elongated lampshade / Nordicnest.com

The EOS lamps from Umage are just as decorative even with the light off and come in a number of nice colors if you want a fresher color palette from the lighting.

Comes in 3 sizes. EOS Gray / Nordicnest.com

The new EOS light blue has a delicate and light blue color that is perfect for creating a contrast to white walls and ceilings or for playing on blue tones in the interior.

EOS Light blue lampshade of goose feathers / Nordicnest.com
EOS floor lamp / Nordicnest.com

Eos  is made of all natural goose feathers, which creates natural and unique shades, perfect for rooms in the home where you want a cozy and glare-free lighting. Eos gives a soft light and has a beautiful fascinating elegance, even when not lit.

Maybe you worry that the lamp gets dusty and dirty pretty quickly? Using a hair dryer you can remove dust and dirt from the lamp very easily, so no worries!

EOS feather lamp in red / Nordicnest.com

Danish UMAGE designs furniture and lamps with a timeless design that is built to last for generations. Their designs are often delivered flat-packed so that they will take up minimal space during transport. The products are also easy to recycle when they can no longer be used.

EOS Table and floor lamps

The nice thing about the EOS lamps is that you can use the lampshades as both ceiling pendants, table lamps and floor lamps. Start by choosing one lampshade that you like and then choose whether you want to mount it on a floor lamp stand, as a table lamp or on a pendant lamp pendant.

EOS Umage Floor Lamp / Nordicnest.com

The popular EOS lamp also comes as a table lamp, wall lamp and floor lamp. Perfect as decorative elements, regardless of whether the light is on or off. Choose between lamp bases in black or white, and choose different colors / sizes on the lamp shades of feathers.

Assemble your own EOS table lamp / Nordicnest.com

EOS ceiling can be mounted in the ceiling or on the wall and creates a beautiful light and atmosphere in the room. EOS ceilings and wall lamps are great to install in the hallway and entrance or in rooms where you do not have the option of a suspended pendant. Feel free to combine with a floor and table lamp in the same EOS series to create a beautiful overall impression. EOS ceiling is also a beautiful alternative as lighting in stairs.

EOS Ceiling / Wall lamp / Nordicnest.com
Wall lamp from EOS / Nordicnest.com

The beautiful EOS lamps from Umage are an accurate choice if you want a stylish and beautiful lighting in the home. The lamps and lampshades in feathers come in several colors so you can find your favorite that suits your home. Feel free to read more about Soleil from Le Klint – A fantastic large, wide, and thin pendant lamp for tables, Rechargeable Lamps & Batterylamps or Ballroom Pendant Lamp – Beautiful colorful mouth-blown Glass lamps and Pendant Lights.