Copper pendant from Tom Dixon – Beautiful & Elegant copper lamps

The decorative copper pendants from Tom Dixon come in many shapes and sizes. Common to all of these copper lamps is the simple design and irresistible sheen of these copper lamps.
The lamps are covered with a thin layer of copper which creates a soft, warm light and a beautiful reflection of the surrounding environment.

Copper pendants in several shapes and sizes /
Copper Shade – Tom Dixon /

Tom Dixon is an innovative manufacturer who, in addition to his copper lamps, is also known for exciting lamp designs in a variety of other unconventional materials.

Feel free to combine several sizes together /

The Tom Dixon copper pendants have been meticulously produced using an innovative method, using vacuum processing to lay one thin layer of copper over an inner ball of polycarbonate.

The thin layer of copper glows from the light source on the inside, while the surrounding space is reflected in the glossy surface of copper, providing a very exciting lamp with a vibrant surface of shadows and movement.

Copper Shade – Tom Dixon /

MELTED: Copper Shade also comes in a new and exciting ” Melt ” variant. Instead of a circular and spherical shape, ” melt ” has an irregular and asymmetrical shape, just as if it should have started to fuse.

Copper Shade «Melt» /
Beautiful copper lamps /

The best seller Copper Shade is one of Tom Dixon’s many exciting copper lamps. With roots from the 80s opulence and elegance, these copper lamps are again in the wind and make their way across a peaceful dining table, as in a hip bar or cafe.

Due to the production method, small holes can be found in the copper layer that emits light. This is the normality of these lamps and not a sign of malfunction.

Variety of shapes /

With the Copper light series, Tom Dixon has brought glamour and elegance back into lighting. Something that has been rare since similar lamps adorned luxury villas and elegant restaurants a few decades back. With Copper Shade, you can also add some lovely luxury to the home while providing a nice and decorative light.