Coolicon Pendants – Beautiful retro enamel lamps from 1933

The Coolicon lamps are a British design classic with over 80 years of history. Today’s Coolicon lamps are still handcrafted in Scotland and have been applied to a durable, polished enamel. Enamel is applied by hand over the solid steel frame.

Beatutiful & Retro – Coolicon /
Enamel retro pendant from coolicon /

Here you get a lovely lamp in an old fashioned retro design, while the large range of colors available adds a modern touch to the lamps. The Coolicon pendant lights have a vent hole at the top that lets out some light while nicely throwing the light downwards onto a table or floor.

The elegant Coolicon® pendant lights were originally designed in 1933 and have changed little since then. They early became a preferred lamp for lighting of factories, workshops, mills, and assembly halls. These iconic lamps still hang on the ceiling of Churchill’s “War Room.”

Stylish & timeless – Coolicon /

After disappearing from consciousness during the 1980s, the lamps returned to the market, now with several exciting colours that fit both classic and modern interiors.

Coolicon applies the enamel with traditional craftmanship up to four times to ensure solid construction and a durable surface. The numerous applications of enamel over the lamp also create a noticeable colour dept.

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