Classic Floor Lamps with Folded Lamp Shades from Le Klint

In the 70s, the designers at the Danish Le Klint supplied a number of iconic and classic lamps that have become popular retro models, including 349, 321 and 351, with fine hand-folded lampshades that Le Klint has become so famous for.

Designed by Aage Petersen, the floor lamp Le Klint 349 has become a classic and timeless floor lamp with beautiful details of black metal, brass, and the hand-folded lampshades for which Danish Le Klint has become world-famous.

Le Klint 351 Floor Lamp /
Le Klint 321 Floor Lamp /
Old fashion floor lamp from Le Klint /

Fine Le Klint Table Lamps

This beautiful black/brass table lamp was designed by Aage Petersen in 1970 and has the same fine hand-folded lampshade as all models. Adjustable height.

Le Klint 306 /

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