Clam from Fritz Hansen – Elegant lamp made of white glass

Clam from Fritz Hansen is a beautiful and elegant glass lamp that is perfect for creating a comfortable and cosy light around a dinner table, in the living room or over a kitchen island. This lamp is designed as a tribute to the light, where the light source is the pearl that appears when the screens of the pendant lamp are opened.

How much light you have and how high an aperture you want is up to you, but the lamp is just as beautiful and beautiful in both open and closed mode. The clam lamp from Fritz Hansen is a decorative novelty that has recently been nominated for a number of design awards and consists of two mouth-blown, oval glass shades in opal-white glass that spread the light in a comfortable and even way. The lamps are also decorated with beautiful brass details that create a delicate contrast to the white glass.

Beautiful and elegant glass lamp – Clam from Fritz Hansen /
The opal-white glass spreads the light evenly /

If you have a good enough ceiling height in the room, you can combine the Clam pendant lamp in both sizes together. Hang them about half a meter apart and hang them at different heights to create a decorative interaction between the lamps.

Perfect as a dining table lighting /
Clam creates a soft and comfortable light that spreads in all directions /

Clam from Fritz Hansen is created by the design duo Ahm & Lund. With its beautiful, mouth-blown glass and fine brass details, the pendant is a new classic in lighting. The pendant lamp is named after its source of inspiration, and just like a pearl, the pendant lamp hides its light source. The light source behind the mouth-blown glass emits a soft and diffused light that illuminates the room in a comfortable way. Available in two sizes, which can be opened and closed as needed.

The clam lamp can be opened and adjusted as you wish /
Clam from Fritz Hansen /

Clam from Fritz Hansen is a beautiful and elegant glass lamp, perfect for creating cosy lighting in the room. Feel free to see more glass lamps, including VP Globe from Verpan – Iconic pendant light since 1969Ballroom Pendant Lamp – Beautiful colourful mouth-blown Glass lamps and Pendant Lights and Rechargeable Lamps & Batterylamps – Inspiration.

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