Cardboard lights – Get a beautiful light with cardboard lamps

Cardboard lamps create incredibly beautiful and atmospheric lighting out of simple, everyday materials and fit just as well into a home, as a restaurant or office space.

Cardboard is usually a material that you don’t sacrifice a thought and rather throw right in the paper junk, because who could really imagine that such a simple material could create such beautiful lighting?

Beautiful cardboard lighting from Graypants /
Beautiful cardboard lighting from Graypants /

Handmade & Modern Cardboard Lights

For cardboard lamps, you use certified raw materials from forestry or recycled cardboard. The beautiful lamps from graypants are built by hand without any kind of metal frame to hold them.

A cardboard lamp consists of several layers of cardboard and cardboard of different sizes and perforations, this layered structure gives the lamps an exciting pattern and creates a beautiful light play.

Beautiful cardboard lighting from Graypants /

A cardboard lamp gives thanks to its many small perforations a wonderfully beautiful light with patterns, shadows, and different tones of light.

Beautiful cardboard lighting from Graypants /
Great for cosy lighting /

Great diversity

Cardboard lamps come in a sea of ​​sizes and shapes, making the cardboard lamps perfect for expressive lighting in the foyer, hallway, or above a kitchen island or dining table.

Often combine the different lamps and hang them together at different heights in a large cluster.

Cardboard floor lamp “tilt” from Graypants /
Beautiful cardboard lighting from Graypants /

These cardboard lamps are all handmade, and the naturally perforated lampshade emits small light rays while the inner screen is illuminated by the yellow light from the light bulb. This result is incredibly beautiful, trendy and atmospheric lighting.

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