Beautiful Bamboo Lighting – Lamps made of bamboo

Bamboo is one of nature’s fastest-growing and durable wood that has been used in braiding baskets, chairs and furniture for hundreds of years.
This long tradition has been used to make atmospheric lamps from bamboo. Bamboo lamps come in many beautiful designs, where some varieties have a traditional style. While others use bamboo in new and innovative designs.

Belle – Bamboo pendant lamp from David Trubridge /
Koura – Bamboo pendant lamp from David Trubridge /

Aruba is a beautiful and decorative wall ceiling where braided rattan filters the light in a comfortable, gentle way. Aruba is a great lamp to use as decorative lighting and will be just as nice with the light off as on.

Aruba from Globen Lighting /

Here you can discover beautiful lamps made of bamboo, which with their light wood color and natural style will fit in well as lighting in the living room, bedroom, or garden room.

These beautiful bamboo lamps from Ay Illuminate use braided bamboo in a traditional Asian pattern. This simple and rough shape with its authentic and natural style is excellent as lighting over a table or in a garden room. The dome-shaped bamboo pendant lamps from Ay Illuminate come in several sizes, feel free to combine them together.

Ay Illuminate – Bamboo M1 Pendant Light /
Ay Illuminate – Bamboo M2 Pendant Light /
Ay Illuminate – Bamboo M3 Pendant Light /

An attractive eye-catcher at home! This Canna is a rural floor lamp, made of bamboo in combination with steel. The light source is clearly visible in this lamp, so choose a striking version!

Canna Bamboo floorlamp /
Canna Bamboo pendant lamp/

Forestier has created a beautiful series of beautiful bamboo lamps that combine natural materials and a modern and stylish design. The lamps are not only beautiful to look at, but the splitting bamboo straws also create a fantastic play of light in the home.

Forestier – Modern bamboo lamps  /
Forestier – Modern bamboo lamps  /
Forestier – Modern bamboo lamps  /
Forestier – Modern bamboo lamps  /

Forestier Take A Way follows in the same design language as the rest of the series, but these lamps have a built-in battery so that they can be transported around and placed wirelessly. Perfect for atmospheric lighting in the garden, along stairs, and in the outdoor area.

Forestier Take A Way /
Forestier Take A Way /

David Trubridge

David Trubridge is originally a trained ship architect, he found inspiration to design lamps from natural raw materials through his many travels around the world.

David Trubridge has since become known for his innovative design, where he combines natural materials such as wood and bamboo with modern production techniques.

Floral – David Trubridge /
Bamboo lamps – David Trubridge /
Bamboo lamps – David Trubridge /

Floral and Coral are two of David Trubridge’s most popular design lamps. These come in several sizes and are nice to combine with each other. The bamboo lamps also come in stylish, colourful varieties, perfect for you who want more colorful and playful lighting.

Bamboo lamp /
Navicula /
Beau – David Trubridge /

Although not made out of bamboo, these gorgeous wooden lamps from MacMaster absolutely deserve a mention. MacMaster delivers environmentally friendly timber-based lighting. Inspired by modern technology fused with traditional craftsmanship, each piece utilizes FSC certified timbers and is handmade in England.

Wooden lighting from MacMaster /

The expressive form of these wooden lights gives a view to a warm globe that graduates ambient light onto the inner veneers of the structure revealing a magnificent contrast between the inner and outer surfaces. Designed with sustainability in mind, the Cocoon Pendant Light is manufactured from thin, ultra-durable timber which minimizes the ecological footprint while creating uncompromising elegance.

Wooden lighting from MacMaster /
Wooden lighting from MacMaster /
Wooden lighting from MacMaster /

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