Beam Lamp – Stylish beam lamps for cosiness and rustic lighting

A beam lamp can be made yourself or bought ready-made and fits perfectly in a cottage or detached house where you want rustic and charming lighting that is true to nature and reality. Beam lamps are usually made of an elongated wooden beam or tree branch with suspended pendant lamps that are tied around and hung down.

The beauty of a lamp made of beam, branch or cane is that it is not so difficult to make one yourself. You can, for example, take a walk in the woods and hello and go in search of nice items in the right length and appearance. Once you have found a suitable beam or branch from a tree, you can dry it and hang it around suspended pendants and lamp holders made of fabric cord.

Cintia is an awesome wooden beam lamp with rustic elements of thick ropes, twisted fabric cord and strong steel fasteners that surround the wooden beam. Fits perfectly as ceiling lighting in an apartment, cottage or home where you want rural, slightly industrial and rustic decor.

Cintia beam lamp in wood and steel /

Nekala is a stylish, elongated lamp made of hollowed-out wooden beam/branch with hidden light sources that glow evenly and cosily down towards the table. The lamp is made of natural eucalyptus trees with an awesome and natural surface with many rings, bumps and a beautiful wood pattern. A lamp that combines both natural elements with a stylish and modern design.

Modern wooden beam lamp with integrated LED /

The Terra series from Envolight is a series of beam lamps in pine with a rough and natural finish. These tree branch lamps are a popular choice in cabins where you want to create a rustic and pleasant feeling with natural elements in the decor. Each lamp in the Terra series is unique and has an awesome wood pattern that looks good in itself, but which in the future can also be stained in different colours if you want a little change.

Terra – Envolight /

These elongated wooden beam lamps are very nice to place over an elongated table in the dining area. Feel free to use some warm and decorative light bulbs to create cosy and warm lighting that promotes relaxation and cosiness.

Terra – Envolight /

Eviton from Lindby is a classic and stylish pendant lamp with a beam shape of pipe wood. It has a natural-coloured wooden beam that acts as a roof bracket and down from it hangs six steel wires. The wires are tied around another wooden beam, and end up at different heights with six pendant lamps down towards the table. With its many light sources, the lamp provides a beautiful and good light.

Eviton beam lamp  /

Oldbury is a stylish and industrial pendant lamp with suspended steel lamps that are attached to an elongated wooden beam in stained brown. The lampshades in metal are not so deep that the light from the light bulbs goes both downwards and obliquely towards the sides, this ensures that you get a nice and even light down towards, for example, a dining table or coffee table.

Oldbury – Industrial and rustic wooden beam lamp /

Legno is a solid wood lamp with integrated lamps. The lamp is made of a stick of solid pine with dark stain and large, strong steel fasteners in black that give a rustic and industrial feel. Legno is perfect for the rural interior or as lighting for a cottage where you feel like natural elements in the interior.

Legno – Pine log lamp in solid wood /

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