Apiales from Danish Nuura is a beautiful and graceful chandelier with timeless charm, soft light, and created with great craftsmanship. 

Apiales is designed by the danish designer Sofie Refer who has delved into the use of glass in lighting and who has used her knowledge to create this beautiful pendant lamp combining metal with traditionally mouth-blown glass domes.

Apiales from Nuura / FinnishDesignShop.com

Apiales is a modern and romantic chandelier and pendant lamp that works well in all rooms of the house and is available in several colors and sizes to suit your needs. Apiales has recently been expanded with two new lamps in the same series, these have 9 glass domes in black metal and smoky glass domes, as well as amber-colored glass with metal in golden brass.

Apiales from Nuura / FinnishDesignShop.com
Apiales 18 Brass chandelier with opal-white domes / FinnishDesignShop.com
Apiales 18 Chandelier Satin Black / Opal White / FinnishDesignShop.com

The inspiration for Apiales comes from flowers, and the elegant tubes unfold like beautiful flower stalks completed by the mouth-blown glass. Each glass dome points out from the center of the lamp and gives light into the room. The lamp is especially beautiful when it is dimmed and becomes a centerpiece in the house’s lighting, and will fit perfectly over a dining table, in the living room, or suspended by stairs.

Apiales from Nuura / FinnishDesignShop.com

Nuura is a Danish design brand that specializes in lighting in the Nordic style with a sensual and soft undertone. Nuura finds its inspiration in the shapes and aesthetics of nature, which has its own mark on its fantastic and elegant design.