Alma from Lene Bjerre – A magically colourful vase for decoration

The gorgeous new Alma series of vases from Lene Bjerre has a unique expression and almost magical look with luxurious colours and a fascinating play of colours. Each vase is unique and made of mouth-blown glass which is then hand-dipped in a toner that gives each vase unique and exciting colour shades. The vases come in characteristic main colours such as brown and iceberg green, but since each vase is handmade, everyone will be able to have small colour differences and their own unique shades.

Alma from Lene Bjerre in iceberg green /

Alma Vasen’s soft shape with its tapered mouth of brass makes it fit just as well as part of a flower arrangement as an eye-catcher on the uncovered table. Awesome as a contrasting element in decor and decor.

The Alma vases come in two sizes /

The Alma vases have an incredibly beautiful appearance that creates an exceptionally fine interaction with green plants and leaves from flowers. 

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